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ARRI Alexa Mini Digital Cinema Camera

Includes Alexa Mini Body, Titanium PL Mount, Viewfinder, EVF Cable, Viewfinder Mounting Bracket, Lightweight Adapter Plate, Side Bracket, Bridge Plate, 19mm Rods, Shoulder Pad, Camera Handle, Lexar 256GB CFast Memory Cards, SanDisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 Reader, Wooden Camera A-Box, Anton Bauer Battery Plate, Anton Bauer Dionic HC Batteries, Anton Bauer Quad Gold Mount Charger


Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini 4.6K Camera (with EF Mount)

Includes Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K Camera, EF Mount, V-Mount Battery Plate, Side Handle, Lanc Cable, Zacuto Lanc Extension Cable, 4 x Lexar C-Fast 2.0 128GB Memory Cards, Lexar C-Fast Thunderbolt/USB3 Reader, AC Power Cable, Wooden Camera Top Plate, NATO Handle & Rail, Magic Arm, Rosette Hand Grip, Offset Bracket, Zacuto VCT Universal Baseplate, Tripod Plate, 15mm Rods


Canon 5D MK IV Camera

Includes Canon 5D MKIV Camera, 2 x Lexar CF 128GB Cards, Transcend CF USB3 Reader, 4 x Canon LPE6 Batteries, 1 x Canon LPE6 Battery Charger


RED Helium Epic W

Includes RED Helium Epic W Camera, TI PL Mount, AI Canon EF Mount, Side SSD, Touch 5" LCD, LCD Cable, Hoodman LCD Screen Shade, 4 x 480GB MiniMags, RED Station MiniMag USB 3.1, Wooden Camera Easy Top, Bottom Plate, Hybrid Bridge Plate, Dovetail, Wooden Camera A-Box, 4 x IDX V-Mount Batteries, IDX Quad Charger


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Equipment:  Cameras & Accessories


Additional equipment can be added to any package.  Please call for details and a quote!

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