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Equipment:  Freefly MoVI & Accessories


Additional equipment can be added to any package.  Please call for details and a quote!

Freefly Systems MoVI Pro

Includes MoVI Pro Digital Camera Gimbal, MoVI Ring, MIMIC 2.0 with Handlebars, Battery Packs, Battery Chargers, Adjustable Camera Plate, Adjustable Top Plate, Lens Motor Cable, RED RCP Serial Cable, RED D-Tap to Lemo Power Cable


Freefly Systems 15mm Carbon Fiber Rod Mount Adapter

This adapter attaches to the end of the adjustable camera plate and allows for an ultra lightweight and low profile 15mm rod mount. This will allow you to easily mount focus motors without adding unnecessary weight / complexity.


Freefly Systems Ninja Star Adapter Plate

The Ninja Star adapter plate allows for mounting the MōVI to a variety of accessories. It is designed to replace the top handle of the MōVI and allow users to mount to Steadicam, Tripods, Jibs, Car Mounts, etc. The plate is lightweight hard anodized aluminum with laser engraving that calls out mounting patterns and hole sizes. The Ninja Star is optimized to provide the most mounting options possible while minimizing size and weight.


Custom Flexible RED Monitor Cable

This custom flexible RED Monitor Cable allows the RED Monitor to be mounted to the crossbar of the MoVI, without interfering with the movement of the gimble.


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