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RED Helium Epic W Cinema Package                                  $1,000.00


RED Helium Epic W

Includes RED Helium Epic W Camera, TI PL Mount, AI Canon EF Mount, Side SSD, Touch 5" LCD, LCD Cable, Hoodman LCD Screen Shade, 4 x 480GB MiniMags, RED Station MiniMag USB 3.1, Wooden Camera Easy Top, Bottom Plate, Hybrid Bridge Plate, Dovetail, Wooden Camera A-Box, 4 x IDX V-Mount Batteries, IDX Quad Charger

RED DSMC2 VLock IOExpander

RED Mini Mag 480GB

RED Station Mini Mag USB3.1

RED Titanium PL Mount

RED Canon EF Mount

RED Touch 5.0" LCD

Wooden Camera Easy Top

Element Technica Hybrid Bridge Plate

Element Technica Arri 12" Dovetail

Element Technica 19mm Ultra Rods 12"

Element Technica 19mm Ultra Rods 18"

IDX 4 Position V-Mount Battery Charger

IDX Endura Duo 150 V-Mount Battery

Wooden Camera A-Box DSMC2

RED Sidewinder Tool

Van Transportation

Delivery to and from your shoot.

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