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Equipment:  Support


Additional equipment can be added to any package.  Please call for details and a quote!

Arri FF4 Follow Focus

Includes Right Knob, 19mm Rod Adapter, Whip, and Speed Crank.


ARRI LMB15 Mattebox

Includes 3 Stage 4x5.65 Filter Trays, 130mm Clamp, Step Down Rings, Garden Designs Eyebrow


Backstage Film Cart 150mm Ball Mount

Adds a 150mm Ball Mount to the Backstage Film Cart for easy transport of your camera & 150mm fluid head.


Backstage Magliner Senior Film Cart

The Backstage Magliner Senior Film Cart comes outfitted with 8” run-flat wheels, a 24” wide Top Shelf, a 24” wide Bottom Shelf, and a 30” HD Nose. 


Dana Dolly

The Dana Dolly is a fast and portable dolly system that rides on 2" Speed Rail.  It includes the Dana Dolly, 2 x Track Ends, 75mm/100mm/150mm Ball Mount Adapters, Center Support, 2 x 3' Speed Rail, and 2 x 6' Speed Rail.


Element Technica Mantis Handheld Rig

Shoulder mounting solution for motion picture cameras.


ND Filter Set - 4x5.65"

Includes .3, .6, .9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8 ND Filters


O'Conner 2575 Fluid Head Tripod Package

Includes Mitchell Mount, 150mm Ball Mount, Control Arm, European Plate, Tall Tripod, Baby Tripod, Ground Level Spreader


O'Conner 1030D Fluid Head with Carbon Fiber Tripod (100mm Ball Mount)


RTMotion MDR-M Wireless Follow Focus Package

Includes MK3.1 Controller, MDR-M Receiver, Lens Motor, Latitude Motor Cable, Latitude D-Tap Power Cable, 2m Controller Wired Mode Cable, Receiver Rod Clamp, Neck Strap, LP-E6 Battery, Battery Charger, White Disk


RTMotion Thumbwheel Controller


Sachtler Video 14 Tripod

The Sachtler Video 14 Tripod is a lightweight tripod that includes a fluid head, carbon fiber sticks, control arm, and ground spreader.


Wooden Camera Director’s Monitor Cage


Wooden Camera Universal Matte Box Pro

Included Components: Swing Away Bracket, 2x rotating 4x5.65 filter stages, Folding French flag, 143mm rubber bellows with 138mm round filter slot, Swing away insert set, NATO standard accessory rails on left, right, and top, Clamp on adapter set, Universal cloth donut, Left and right side flags, Bottom flag


Zacuto Tornado Grip


Zacuto Z-Drive Follow Focus


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